A Seller’s Guide to Carousell’s Visibility Features

Selling is a core part of the Carousell experience; visibility and getting your listings seen is the first step to a successful sale. With more than 110 million listings on our marketplace worldwide, this can get quite challenging. To help sellers sell faster and better, we introduced premium visibility features,...
Case Study by Carousell finding out Carousell Bumps Benefits

3 Ways How Carousell Bumps Help You Sell Faster [Case Study]

We made it easier for you to sell on Carousell with our new feature called Carousell Bumps. What does Carousell Bumps do? It helps you sell faster. People sell their items on Carousell for a variety of reasons. Some sell to declutter and make way for things that matter...
A tutorial of how to sell on Carousell in 3 easy steps

How to sell on Carousell: Make extra cash from used items in 3 easy steps

Before we share tips on how to sell on Carousell, let's take you back a decade. Think about the time when you're at home, and you realised that you have so many unused items lying around your house. You might have thought; "should I sell my secondhand items?" Why not right?...
Top tips on how to curate the best listings to sell successfully on Carousell

How to curate your best listings and sell successfully on Carousell

Ever wondered why some listings take longer to sell, while some get wiped out in under a minute? We’ve compiled tips accumulated by users over the past eight years on what to sell and how to sell it quick on Carousell!  Navigate them here: Prioritise what to sell Make your listings...

3 reasons why you should teach your kids to sell their old toys

The school holidays are here, and you're probably looking up all activities to do with your kids during the break. I've got an unusual suggestion for you, and while it might sound self-serving at first, hear me out and I'm sure you'll see the benefits too. Teach your kids to...

Sell better with Carousell Insights

On the product team, we are always thinking of ways to make the Carousell experience better for you. One of the things we always push for is to help Carousellers sell better, and that's where Insights comes in.

Top 5 Smartphone Photography Tips every Carouseller should know

Ask any top Carouseller how you can improve your selling results on Carousell and their answer would probably be: “Take nicer photos”.