First-timer Guide on Why, Where and How to buy Secondhand Luxury in Singapore 2021

So you’ve worked hard, saved up and are ready to step up your fashion game. Or, you already own one or two luxury items from the big brands out there. Forget the PU leather bags you bought from Forever 21 when you were… 21 years old. Or that $10...

A Bumping good time!

At Carousell we’re always trying to help our Carousellers have the best experience they can on our platform. For those of us on the Product and Engineering teams, that means coming up with wonderful new features to make buying and selling more enjoyable and fulfilling. The most common request we...

Staff pick: Underwood Typewriter

The selection provided by Carousellers spans from the vintage Remingtons to the less vintage electric Brother typewriters. There are typewriters of all kinds of colours, even bright yellow like this Remington Riviera Sperry Rand!

One Carousell is one giant group hug

People that chat together and eat together will most likely end up working better together.
Tips to ace the shopping season

6 tips to ace Singapore’s shopping season

You mean it’s already October and we’re left with 3 months more to the end of the year? It’s hard to believe what an inconvenience COVID-19 has brought upon us. And because we’ve been cooped up for so long,  what better time than now to #treatyoself? 9.9 to 12.12 mark...