Browse Carousell: How to use Categories, Filters and Search Bar

Learn how to browse Carousell using categories, search bar, filters and other useful features! You might be familiar with buying secondhand through online forums. However, forums are not mobile-friendly. Navigation is a nightmare, images take a long time to load. You might even suffer broken links and lose track of how many...
Travel without leaving Singapore: Fun things to do at home inspired by your favourite country

Travel without leaving Singapore: Fun things to do at home inspired by your favourite country

Ok, it’s confession time: We’ve all Googled this at some point. Perhaps even multiple points. Guilty as charged. With the Covid-19 situation in Singapore and around the world this 2020, we’ve all had to hit pause on our travel plans for now – even crossing the causeway for a quick supper...

A Bumping good time!

At Carousell we’re always trying to help our Carousellers have the best experience they can on our platform. For those of us on the Product and Engineering teams, that means coming up with wonderful new features to make buying and selling more enjoyable and fulfilling. The most common request we...
how work from home is working out

How the circuit breaker changed us for good

Couch potatoes turned fitness buffs, unite!
Example of a chat between buyer and seller on Carousell

Buy on Carousell: How to make offer, payment, delivery and exchange feedback

Find out how to chat with sellers and make an offer on Carousell! Also learn about payment, delivery and exchanging feedback. Have you ever realized that shopping online is mostly a one-sided experience? Add item to cart. Checkout and pay. Rinse and repeat routine. But shopping on Carousell is different. Carousell...
Home repairs that can be DIY-ed… and which professionals to call in if it all fails

Home repairs that can be DIY-ed… and which professionals to call in if it all fails

Maybe it’s the loose door hinge that’s been bugging you all day, or the dirty air-conditioner that’s triggering your allergies. After countless tutorials on YouTube and numerous articles on wikiHow... perhaps, you think, it’s time to DIY your next home service project! But you know you aren’t a DIY...

Staff pick: Underwood Typewriter

The selection provided by Carousellers spans from the vintage Remingtons to the less vintage electric Brother typewriters. There are typewriters of all kinds of colours, even bright yellow like this Remington Riviera Sperry Rand!

Staff pick: Snack basket

Here's a typical conversation at our office desks: “Can you put that away?” “It’s not mine! It’s hers!” “Aya whatever just put it on the table.” “UGH! Our table is a mess!” Yes, it is. A mess caused by an overload of snacks which could keep about 30 people alive should we ever be trapped in the office. We have our own 120 x 60 cm tables, along with drawers. But why would we put Pocky,...

Guide to What, Where and How to Start Thrifting in Singapore 2021

“Thrifting”: the new buzz term that has recently taken over much of the fashion world. What is it and what does it actually mean? Who dresses in “thrift fashion” and how do I dress in it too?  If you haven’t already noticed, thrift fashion is everywhere! Girls and guys alike...
Making The Best of finding cheaper alternatives to expensive items on Carousell

Expensive wish list? Here are alternatives to get what you need

Don’t we all want to get the best things in life? It could be one luxurious overnight in Sofitel, dinner in a newly-opened Michelin star restaurant, or even that Dyson vacuum cleaner everyone’s been raving about. In my dreams, I’ve already gotten myself one of those much-hyped cordless vacuums...