#MyFirstCarousell: Thrall

I'm a big Warcraft fan, having played the games since the very first one, and my favourite character in the franchise is the orc warchief Thrall.

Blessings on Carousell

While most use Carousell to buy and sell, it is also a platform for sharing and giving. This Chinese New Year, we wanted to explore how our community could play a bigger, more active role in the wider society. Project CARE to bring the Carousell spirit to people who fall...

Staff pick: Bunny Playhouse

The creators of this bunny playhouse were extremely thoughtful in their design which includes a 2-storey home and roof garden all in one!

Ultimate Guide to Moving Services in Singapore 2021

So you’ve finally bought your dream home and you landed on this guide, because here comes the most dreadful part: moving. Having to pack up all of your belongings, find the right service provider to rent a lorry from, clean up after the move… With a million things to...

A day in the life of a Product Manager in Carousell

Ever wondered what a Product Manager does each day? In the first installment of our "A day in the life of" series, we asked our Product Manager Alla what it's like to make new features for our mobile app.

8 ways to get started on your New Year Resolutions (forreals)

Ready to get started on your New Year Resolutions? Get inspired by the 8 common New Year Resolutions below, where we’ve curated easy and highly recommended ways to get started on them. Best of all, they come at wallet-friendly prices! 1. Get Organised If you’re tired of not being able to find...
working from home with Carousell efficiency

Working from home: Upgrading your home office set-up for ultimate efficiency

Ah, working from home. Once a luxury, now a necessity. With the COVID-19 outbreak expected to last till 2022, the Singapore government has made WFH the default for many of us. Hands up those of you who were just as shocked about the sudden announcements of circuit breaker! Homes...

My First Carousell: A Waffle Maker

I first heard about Carousell when I was in the army. A friend of mine told me about how easy it was to sell on Carousell, so I figured I'd give it a try. Before I found Carousell, I was always the buyer and had never imagined that I could be selling....

Playing our part in this time of need

In light of the latest novel coronavirus developments, Carousell would like to encourage our users to look out for one another, and consider those in need of essential items. We assure our users that we are taking steps to battle unfair profiteering on our platform. This includes, but is...

Carouselling into CNY

We don't have to buy clothes from a shop to get something new. "New" just means it has to be new to you, and there are many pretty and unique items to be found in a preloved marketplace.