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Sending Goodwill to Nepal in the form of a Soccer Ball

Kenneth could not have guessed that Carouselling a soccer ball could lead to a charitable act and advice for an unrelated hobby.

Staff pick: Bunny Playhouse

The creators of this bunny playhouse were extremely thoughtful in their design which includes a 2-storey home and roof garden all in one!

When reboxing leads to new possibilities, Everyone Wins

What a waste We’ve all got stuff. Old stuff, new stuff, free stuff, sentimental stuff, these-were-on-sale-so-I-bought-10 stuff.  All this stuff piles up and we often end up having to declutter, over and over again. Sound familiar? Most of the time, this means throwing things away. But wouldn’t it be a waste...

6 Tips For How to Price Secondhand Goods Effectively

Selling secondhand goods like preloved clothes can be a great way to earn some extra cash, or to streamline a small side business into an unexpectedly successful career. Better yet, it doesn’t require a large investment to begin with, and you can probably find what you need at home and...
Supporting local businesses in Singapore during times of COVID-19

Supporting local businesses in Singapore during COVID-19

Stay safe, stay inside Dear Singapore, we’re in for a month of indoor life. But that doesn’t mean that everything comes to a standstill. Life goes on, and there’s much that we can do, to support others locally who are not as lucky as we are. Carousell will be doing our...

A Day in the Life of the People’s Team Lead at Carousell

  Richard Branson once said: “Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage.” In a span of five years, Carousell has grown from a team of three to almost 200. How did we attract, manage and retain...

One Carousell is one giant group hug

People that chat together and eat together will most likely end up working better together.
Cheap and good guide to aircon servicing in Singapore on Carousell

Guide to Best Aircon Servicing in Singapore 2021

Singapore only has two seasons—hot and hotter. As much as you’ve heard, it’s true! That’s why our air conditioners play such an integral role in our lives. And why it’s actually one of the few household appliances we would actually care to service frequently. Instead of only going to Gain...
Coping in Times of COVID-19: Tips for Working From Home, Social Distancing and More

Coping in Times of COVID-19: Tips for Working From Home, Social Distancing and More

Two days ago, it was still possible to grab a drink at a bar. Two weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of people were still crossing the JB-Singapore causeway daily. But the causeway is now closed, and so are the bars. COVID-19 is changing the way we live and work –...

Sell better with Carousell Insights

On the product team, we are always thinking of ways to make the Carousell experience better for you. One of the things we always push for is to help Carousellers sell better, and that's where Insights comes in.