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#MyFirstCarousell: Thrall

I'm a big Warcraft fan, having played the games since the very first one, and my favourite character in the franchise is the orc warchief Thrall.
How your listing will look like after you purchase a Top Spotlight on Carousell

Flipping the Switch on Spotlight

It’s been almost 3 months since we launched our latest visibility feature, Spotlight, and we’re happy to see the impact it’s having on the marketplace. Spotlight was designed to give sellers a more powerful tool to help sell their items faster. By pinning your listing to the top of a...

Staff pick: Underwood Typewriter

The selection provided by Carousellers spans from the vintage Remingtons to the less vintage electric Brother typewriters. There are typewriters of all kinds of colours, even bright yellow like this Remington Riviera Sperry Rand!

Top 5 Smartphone Photography Tips every Carouseller should know

Ask any top Carouseller how you can improve your selling results on Carousell and their answer would probably be: “Take nicer photos”.
working from home with Carousell efficiency

Working from home: Upgrading your home office set-up for ultimate efficiency

Ah, working from home. Once a luxury, now a necessity. With the COVID-19 outbreak expected to last till 2022, the Singapore government has made WFH the default for many of us. Hands up those of you who were just as shocked about the sudden announcements of circuit breaker! Homes...

A Day in the life of an Product Engineer in Carousell

What’s a product engineer do exactly? You can sort of guess that it involves doing stuff for products, but what does that mean on a day-to-day basis? We asked Amelia to guide us through a day in her life at Carousell. 10:00am - Getting into work, reviewing code I usually get...
Video tutorial showing how to Bump your listing on Carousell

How to Bump Listing on Carousell: 3 Quick and Easy Steps [Video]

A quick 3-step video tutorial showing how to Bump your listings on Carousell. Ever since the release of Carousell Bumps, we've received questions from our community asking us, "how to Bump?" So, we thought it'll be a great idea to create a tutorial video for you. Here's a quick and easy...
How to stay safe on Carousell

How to Stay Safe while Shopping Online on Carousell

Learn how to assess if the deal is legitimate, make payments safely and ensure smooth delivery or collection. As with shopping in any online marketplace, there are always unforeseen circumstances you have to look out for. The Carousell team takes the safety of our community very seriously. We also have a...

What I learned from our All For Free charity drive

Last week we ran a drive at Carousell that we simply called #AllForFree. I'm sure you guys can figure out what the drive was all about 😆 LOL! We created this drive because we wanted to help used items make their way to the hands of the people who want and need them more...

To Bump or to Top Spotlight?

Bumps and Top Spotlight are premium visibility features that help to promote your listing on Carousell. However, each works differently for casual sellers and businesses. We'll show you how each feature can be the most effective for you! Bump A Bump pushes, or ‘bumps’, your listing to the top of its category...