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A picture of what is a bump on carousell and how it helps you sell your item faster

Carousell Bumps: What is it and How it Helps You Sell Super Fast

Have you heard about Carousell Bumps? If you’re on Carousell, you might have thought about this: How do I give my item an extra boost on Carousell to sell it faster? Good news, you can now speed up the sale of your items by using a Bump on Carousell. A Bump is our new feature ...

A Bumping good time – Developing the Carousell Bump

At Carousell we’re always trying to help our Carousellers have the best experience they can on our platform. For those of us on the Product and Engineering teams, that means coming up with wonderful new features to make buying and selling more enjoyable and fulfilling. The most common request we get from our community is ...

Carousell Stories – Sell what you’re wearing!

Inspired by the many apps releasing their version of Stories, we've released Carousell Stories, the feature that helps you sell what you're wearing today!

Sell better with Carousell Insights

On the product team, we are always thinking of ways to make the Carousell experience better for you. One of the things we always push for is to help Carousellers sell better, and that's where Insights comes in.