Category: Behind The Scenes

Preparing our biggest bazaar ever!

While it always involves a lot of hard work, one of our favourite things to do at Carousell is to throw events that bring our community of Carousellers together. It is always so nice to be able to get everyone together, make new friends, and of course, see all the really cool things everyone is ...

A Day in the Life of a Carousell Customer Experience Specialist

Ask anyone in our office about Vern from our Customer Experience team (affectionately known as CX) and there’s a 100% chance one of these three things will pop up: Marvel, Peach Tea and his perfectly styled hair. Before spending a good 15 minutes to ensure every strand is where it should belong, Vern would wake ...

AI is taking over SXSW, and maybe the world

SXSW is a good place to watch waves. Although it is only my fourth year at the conference, it was clear that topic of AI is taking over the event, and maybe the world too. Tons of talks, two full days dedicated to the topic itself and the focal point of Bruce Sterling’s closing talk —  ...

A day in the life of a Product Manager in Carousell

Ever wondered what a Product Manager does each day? In the first installment of our "A day in the life of" series, we asked our Product Manager Alla what it's like to make new features for our mobile app.

Ask an Engineer: Is It Ever Time for a Code Rewrite?

It’s been blamed for the downfall of companies from Borland to Netscape. Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank calls it “startup suicide.” Stack Overflow CEO Joel Spolsky claims it’s the “single worst strategic mistake that a software company can make.”