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Here at Carousell, we love buying and selling as much as you do! Just like the thrill of buying a half-priced camera lens to pursue a passion for photography, or the excitement of earning back losses from a dress that doesn’t fit anymore. Nothing feels better than getting a...
Carousell Autos new inspected badge!

We’ve Got a New ‘Inspected’ Badge!

Carousell partnered with certified mechanics to inspect vehicles for your buying peace of mind.

Top 5 tips for buying a second hand car

"One thing people never ought to be when they're buyin' used cars, and that's in a hurry." - California Charlie, Psycho That quote came from Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1960 movie Psycho, and there's a lot of truth in it. But that was over 50 years ago and life has gotten a lot...

Guide To Getting The Best Price For Your Car In Singapore

Thinking of selling your used car and wanting to get the highest possible price? For first-time car sellers, this can be a tough and difficult decision. How do you go about selling a car? What information will you need to provide? Should you go on consignment or work with a dealer? Unfortunately, the driving...
Tips on how to negotiate for better prices when buying a car

How to negotiate for the best car prices and deals in Singapore

Something as simple as building a good relationship with your sales guy helps a ton!
car selling mistakes you must avoid in Singapore

4 Worst Mistakes People Make During a Car Sale – How to Avoid them

If you are selling your used car in Singapore, you know it's stressful when there are too many things to keep track of. Completing the car sale is tough. It is common to make mistakes. The biggest mistake you can make is to rush the sale. I know, shortcuts are tempting... But...

How To Afford A Luxury Car Without Breaking The Bank

"Don't waste money on a luxury car!" No doubt these cars look amazing. And they're guaranteed to get heads turning your way. But for the majority of us, these cars are but a dream. Without counting our already exorbitant COE prices, throwing in the starting prices of a luxury brand like...

6-step guide for buying your first car in Singapore (2020)

From car budget estimation, test drive to paperworks, we got you covered
Autos_Blog_COE Renewal Should I renew my car for 5 or 10 years

COE Renewal: Should I renew my car for 5 or 10 years?

With prices for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) showing signs of decline before the circuit breaker period, it can get quite tempting to buy a brand new car. Between the attractive new car prices and the economic outlook, you’re thinking if renewing your current COE is the better route...