Selling a used car to a buyer

5 Easy Steps on How to Price Your Used Car

By Ryan Ong   Here's a typical frustrating scenario: you have a used car you want to sell, but you have no idea how to price it. You might have one quality that interests a buyer but it's completely irrelevant to another. No two people will ever agree on what a...
buy spare car parts Singapore car servicing guide

Car servicing on a budget: Tips for buying cheap car parts in Singapore

You can save at least 10% if you know where to look!
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How To Sell Your Used Car: 5 Extra Tips For First-Timers

Selling cars is tough enough as a profession, but it can be much harder if you have no experience, and you're selling your own car for the first time. In a previous article, we covered 5 easy steps on how to price your car for a sale. If you've already...
Buying used car on your own with Carousell

How to buy a used car on your own in Singapore (2021)

The entire application can be done online – simple!
Autos_Blog_Guide to buying your first motorbike in Singapore

Guide to buying your first motorbike in Singapore 2021

Congratulations on getting your motorcycle license! Be it a Class 2B, 2A or Class 2 license that you’ve got - you’re a first step closer to cruising along the roads of Singapore with a new bike (and even Malaysia, if you’re up for an adventure).  Before you jump into buying...

How to Sell Your Used Car: 10 Details Buyers Want to Know

If you’re thinking about selling your used car, the problem is, there are thousands of others selling too. How will your car stand out? Fret not, I got hold of the experts from Carousell Motors and they've happily listed out 10 details that car buyers frequently want to find...
smartdrive motor insurance axa carousell

What’s SmartDrive Motor Insurance (Car) on Carousell?

🚘 You can now get your vehicle protected within 5 mins! ⏱️ In partnership with AXA, Carousell brings you SmartDrive Motor Insurance plans for purchase directly through the Carousell app! By integrating the purchase of motor insurance into the Carousell experience, getting protected just became a lot faster and more convenient. You...

6-step guide for buying your first car in Singapore (2020)

From car budget estimation, test drive to paperworks, we got you covered
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Family Cars for Singaporeans in 2017: 7 Amazing Cars For You

Have you been thinking about buying family cars in Singapore? If you have, you might have recalled the times when you took public transport with your family. Remember how you had to squeeze in buses or trains during peak periods? Not the family-time you were wishing for huh? It's...

5 most common car buying myths in Singapore: Are they true?

Spoiler alert: A low monthly payment may not really mean more savings