How to Handle 5 Super Difficult Car Buyers in Singapore

If you're selling your used car, you might face car buyers that give you a big headache. Difficult car buyers also cost you precious time. You want a smooth and fast car deal instead because you have other priorities to worry about. The last thing you want to do is to...
What to look out for when buying used cars, and how Carousell Inspected can help

What to look out for when buying used cars in Singapore

If we could avoid buying a car in Singapore, we would. Parking charges are high all around the city, especially in the Central Business District, and petrol prices have been on an upward trend for the past 25 years. Despite these obvious disadvantages, there are times in life when...
Should you buy or lease a car in Singapore?

Buying vs. leasing a car during COVID-19 in Singapore: Which is a better choice?

With auto dealers going back to business, buying a car now seems like a great idea ;)
A picture of a Toyota Sienta Family Cars

Family Cars for Singaporeans in 2017: 7 Amazing Cars For You

Have you been thinking about buying family cars in Singapore? If you have, you might have recalled the times when you took public transport with your family. Remember how you had to squeeze in buses or trains during peak periods? Not the family-time you were wishing for huh? It's...

Motorbikes Home Screen – Available Exclusively on the Carousell App!

Thank you for your interest in the Motorbikes Home Screen! Check out motorbikes for sale and rent, accessories and apparels by tapping on the respective icons. Also keep an eye out for exclusive promotions and events in the home screen banner. To check out the Useful Tools, follow these steps: Fire up...
buy used car guide singapore

How to buy a used car on your own in Singapore (2020)

The entire application can be done online – simple!

Introducing: An all-new Carousell car browsing experience

As most of you would have already known, buying a car in Singapore can be a very daunting and tedious process, especially if you are doing so for the first time. Some confirm chop questions that potential car buyers will definitely face: Which brand? What’s the depreciation? When was...
What to look out for when buying your first bike

Practical guide to buying your first motorbike in Singapore

Congratulations on getting your motorcycle license! Be it a Class 2B, 2A or Class 2 license that you’ve got - you’re a first step closer to cruising along the roads of Singapore with a new bike (and even Malaysia, if you’re up for an adventure).  Before you jump into buying...
Car cleaning hacks that you can DIY with things you can find on Carousell Singapore

7 Easy Car Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks using Household Items

Wanna save on a few trips to the mechanic? From toothpaste to coffee filters – trust us, these everyday items work too!

Selling a used car in Singapore: The complete guide for direct owners

Savings on agent fees = more money to buy your new car?