smartdrive motor insurance axa carousell

What’s SmartDrive Motor Insurance (Car) on Carousell?

🚘 You can now get your vehicle protected within 5 mins! ⏱️ In partnership with AXA, Carousell brings you SmartDrive Motor Insurance plans for purchase directly through the Carousell app! By integrating the purchase of motor insurance into the Carousell experience, getting protected just became a lot faster and more convenient. You...
Car mechanic in his workshop working hard on car servicing - Carousell

Car and Bike Servicing Edition: Unlearning all those car servicing myths

While we hope that there’s never a time where you are stuck on the expressway and trying to find a tow truck service,  we realise that it does happen quite often because people sincerely believe that your car doesn’t need any servicing unless there are weird noises coming out...

Top 5 tips for buying a second hand car

"One thing people never ought to be when they're buyin' used cars, and that's in a hurry." - California Charlie, Psycho That quote came from Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1960 movie Psycho, and there's a lot of truth in it. But that was over 50 years ago and life has gotten a lot...
Car cleaning hacks that you can DIY with things you can find on Carousell Singapore

7 Easy Car Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks using Household Items

Wanna save on a few trips to the mechanic? From toothpaste to coffee filters – trust us, these everyday items work too!

How to Handle 5 Super Difficult Car Buyers in Singapore

If you're selling your used car, you might face car buyers that give you a big headache. Difficult car buyers also cost you precious time. You want a smooth and fast car deal instead because you have other priorities to worry about. The last thing you want to do is to...

Introducing: An all-new car browsing experience

As most of you would have already known, buying a car in Singapore can be a very daunting and tedious process, especially if you are doing so for the first time. Some confirm chop questions that potential car buyers will definitely face: Which brand? What’s the depreciation? When was...

New Autos Home Screen – Available Exclusively on the Carousell App!

Thank you for your interest in the New Autos Home Screen! Check out the New Autos Home Screen HERE, if you're on mobile and have the Carousell App! Or, follow these steps: Fire up your Carousell app (or download the Carousell app from App Store / Play Store) Tap on the...

Sell/ Scrap/ Export Your Car or Renew COE with SwiftQuote by Carousell!

Looking to sell your car? Renew COE? Or scrap/ export your car? 🚗 SwiftQuote has you covered! Get the best non-obligatory quote for your car (sell, scrap or export) via the Carousell App, within 24 hours! Up to $3k above market value! Renew your COE easily with quick loan approval and a...

5 must-have driving apps for Singapore drivers other than Google Maps

There's an app to find the cheapest carpark near you. There's an app to give you directions in Elvis Presley's voice. There's an app for everything.
Carousell Autos new inspected badge!

We’ve Got a New ‘Inspected’ Badge!

Carousell partnered with certified mechanics to inspect vehicles for your buying peace of mind.