Loan & Affordability Calculators: Find Cars That Suit Your Budget

Looking to buy a car but not sure what car you can afford? 🚗 Find cars that suit your budget using the Loan & Affordability Calculators, available exclusively on the Carousell App (Android/ iOS)! To access the Calculators: From Carousell Home Screen > Cars Category > New Autos Tools Loan Calculator: Let this tool...

When is the ideal time to purchase a used car in Singapore?

Introduction When it comes to searching for used cars for sale in Singapore, many people are confused as there are a host of concerns that need to be attended to, failing which the entire process of buying would go for a toss. A majority of used car buyers are still...
car buying during covid-19 singapore

Car buying during COVID-19: 3 reasons why now is the best time

From special discounts to digital showrooms, there’s a lot you can look forward to!

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Cars in Singapore in 2022

Cars are a necessity for most people in times of today. It not only adds comfort but also immense efficiency in our daily hustle-bustle. For many, it is hard to imagine a life without a car feeding every need and whim.   Cars give you the independence and convenience of travel,...
Car mechanic in his workshop working hard on car servicing - Carousell

Car and Bike Servicing Edition: Unlearning all those car servicing myths

While we hope that there’s never a time where you are stuck on the expressway and trying to find a tow truck service,  we realise that it does happen quite often because people sincerely believe that your car doesn’t need any servicing unless there are weird noises coming out...

Types of rental vehicles offered in Singapore

Introduction Buying a car in Singapore is a gargantuan task as it involves a lot of work, and above all it is heavy on the pockets as car prices are touching sky-high. So, what's the better choice left for those who want to travel in a private vehicle but at...

Why are used cars prices in Singapore skyrocketing? Let’s take a look and evaluate the details

Introduction The auto industry has been evolving at a rapid pace for the past few decades and owing to this unprecedented demand, the prices have been on a constant rise and moving skywards. Buying new cars is becoming costlier by the day, making them a very high-value purchase for the...
How to maintain your bike

Car and bike servicing edition: Maintenance guide for motorbikes

Plus, some tips on finding the right mechanic at the best price
car depreciation singapore - best time to sell used car

Understanding car depreciation: When is the best time to sell my car?

If you play your cards right, it would have cost you less to own your ride.