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What’s SmartDrive Motor Insurance (Car) on Carousell?

🚘 You can now get your vehicle protected within 5 mins! ⏱️ In partnership with AXA, Carousell brings you SmartDrive Motor Insurance plans for purchase directly through the Carousell app! By integrating the purchase of motor insurance into the Carousell experience, getting protected just became a lot faster and more convenient. You...

Best first car for new drivers: What features should you look for?

Tick these in your checklist first to help you decide on what car to buy!
Autos_Blog_COE Renewal Should I renew my car for 5 or 10 years

COE Renewal: Should I renew my car for 5 or 10 years?

With prices for the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) showing signs of decline before the circuit breaker period, it can get quite tempting to buy a brand new car. Between the attractive new car prices and the economic outlook, you’re thinking if renewing your current COE is the better route...
What to look out for when buying used cars, and how Carousell Inspected can help

What to look out for when buying used cars in Singapore

If we could avoid buying a car in Singapore, we would. Parking charges are high all around the city, especially in the Central Business District, and petrol prices have been on an upward trend for the past 25 years. Despite these obvious disadvantages, there are times in life when...
A picture of a Toyota Sienta Family Cars

Family Cars for Singaporeans in 2017: 7 Amazing Cars For You

Have you been thinking about buying family cars in Singapore? If you have, you might have recalled the times when you took public transport with your family. Remember how you had to squeeze in buses or trains during peak periods? Not the family-time you were wishing for huh? It's...

We’re cleaning up our Autos categories for a better experience!

Here at Carousell, we love buying and selling as much as you do! Just like the thrill of buying a half-priced camera lens to pursue a passion for photography, or the excitement of earning back losses from a dress that doesn’t fit anymore. Nothing feels better than getting a...
How to maintain your bike

Car and bike servicing edition: Maintenance guide for motorbikes

Plus, some tips on finding the right mechanic at the best price
Autos_Blog_Car and Bike Servicing 2021 Importance of preventive maintenance in Singapore

Car and Bike Servicing 2021: Importance of preventive maintenance in Singapore

What does car or bike servicing include, and why is regular car or bike servicing so important? And perhaps more importantly, why is it so expensive?
car buying during covid-19 singapore

Car buying during COVID-19: 3 reasons why now is the best time

From special discounts to digital showrooms, there’s a lot you can look forward to!
Selling your car on your own, without an agent, on Carousell

I sold my car on my own, and here’s why you should too

Whether or not you’ve decided to sell your car because it’s getting too close to its COE or you’re just looking for a change, there are plenty of ways to go about selling it. In this guide, we’ll let you know the reasons, pros and cons, and the entire...