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When I think about the new Insights feature in Carousell, I think of this line in Mortal Kombat 3 when you first boot it up. It says quite simply: “There is no knowledge that is not power.” 


screenshot_20170301-162010It’s really too deep a quote for a game that involves little more than cyber ninjas beating the crap out of each other, but it’s stuck with me and I like to use it to sound intelligent. But it’s also quite relevant to Carousell Insights because this feature is all about giving you more knowledge and power so you can sell better.

On the product team, we are always thinking of ways to make the Carousell experience better for you. One of the things we always push for is to help Carousellers sell better, and that’s where Insights comes in. Just look for this new arrow icon.

Insights is basically our way of giving you more information about your item and how it’s doing on Carousell. You can take a look and see how it’s been doing in terms of views and chats (in easy to read charts and numbers, of course).

When working on this feature, we looked at all the different types of data available, and we figured that views was the one key stat that helped you understand your item’s performance the most.


With this information available, you can work out which of your items does better, and recreate that magic sauce to juice up the performance in your other items.

To help kickstart your experimentation, we’ve got some tips on what to adjust and test for:


Photos, especially the cover photo, make the first impression when it comes to Carousell, so it’s important to get your photo looking right. Now it might be that your items do better with a blank background, or maybe some creative styling helps you get attention.


Just play around with different styles, and check your Insights data to see what works.


The next most attractive factor of an item is the price. We’ve found that lowering an item’s price by 10% or more can result in many more views, and more views always help to make that deal more likely to happen.

Title and description

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need any words at all. A good title helps your item come up in more relevant searches, and a comprehensive and honest description of your item instills more confidence in your potential buyer.

Besides, every item has a story to tell and you should share yours.


Experiment with your descriptions. Try being very detailed, writing something funny, or maybe make it rhyme. We’re sure that you’ll find a formula to get more views.

Share it with friends

Carousell is a social platform, so we made it easy to share your items on Facebook, Whatsapp, LINE, Twitter and other networks. Just put it out there, and watch those views come flooding in!

Some of our sharing options

We hope you guys enjoy the new Insights feature. Our initial tests and feedback told us that Carousellers have been eagerly coming back to our app and logging in to check the progress of their items, so we’re pretty confident that you’ll like it.

If you have any other good ideas to improve Carousell, please share it with us!


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