How to Bump Listing on Carousell: 3 Quick and Easy Steps [Video]

Video tutorial showing how to Bump your listing on Carousell
Reading Time: 4 minutes

A quick 3-step video tutorial showing how to Bump your listings on Carousell.

Ever since the release of Carousell Bumps, we’ve received questions from our community asking us, “how to Bump?”

So, we thought it’ll be a great idea to create a tutorial video for you. Here’s a quick and easy walkthrough to help you get your first Bump!

Key highlights of the “How to Bump on Carousell” tutorial video

There are four main things you should look out for when you’re watching the tutorial.

  1. 00:10-00:19: A short explanation introducing what a Carousell Bump is.
  2. 00:20 onwards: A 3-step walkthrough on how to Bump your listings on Carousell.
  3. 00:32-00:41: The benefits of Carousell Bumps and why it helps you get more views for your listings.
  4. 00:41-00:57: How to get Carousell Coins to purchase a Carousell Bump.

You could just be our next power seller on Carousell after learning how to Bump. Expect an exciting increase in views and chats so you can sell your items fast!

Now, you’re probably wondering if it’s essential to Bump your listing to make a quick sale. I’ll share a typical scenario on Carousell.

Let’s say you want to sell your iPhone 7 on Carousell to fund your fancy new iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Try this simple exercise; hop into your Carousell app and do a simple search on iPhone 7.

See the sheer number of iPhones sold in the marketplace?

Your hopes of selling your iPhone as soon as possible might just drown in the sea of them. You’ll need a pretty fantastic offer for buyers to choose yours over other deals.

But don’t fret, the world’s not over if you don’t want to buy a Bump.

It’s always possible to make a sale on Carousell even though you’re facing tough competition judging by the number of iPhones sold. There are tons of people shopping on Carousell daily.

However, I reckon a Bump will be super useful if you’re in a hurry. It drastically shortens the time you need to sell by increasing the views your items get. How? It pushes your listing to the top of the marketplace.

We’ll explain more in the video, let’s get right to it!

Note: I added a transcript you can read at the end of this guide if you’ve trouble loading the video.

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Over to you

How to Bump on Carousell

So now that you’re an expert at Bumping, you can be a guru to your friends if they ask you how to Bump on Carousell! Or, if you’re a busy bee, you could just share this guide with them. Both ways work!

I hope you’ll have a tremendous first Bump experience so, happy Carouselling! Give us a shout if you need any extra help by contacting

How to Bump video transcript

Hi guys! I’m JJ from Carousell and today; I am going to show you how to get your very first Bump!

So, what are Bumps?

A Bump is a feature that you can buy to help you sell your items faster on Carousell. With Bumps, you can get more views and more chats. So let’s get started!

First, head over to your profile.

Now, you have to decide which item you want to Bump. Once you do, tap “Bump” with the little lightning under your listing. You’ll see this page explaining the benefits of Bumps.

Buying a 3-Day Bump will Bump your listing at the same time for three consecutive days.

The page also shows how much a Bump costs. To buy a Bump, you’ll need Carousell Coins. It’s our in-app currency to purchase Carousell’s premium features, including Bumps.

There are different options to choose from. Depending on how much you need, you might want to buy a larger bundle of coins. For now, I’m going to tap on 698 because that’s how much I need.

And, that’s it! My item is now Bumped.

Head back to your profile and scroll to the item you Bumped. Notice how it says “Bumped” now?

Your item will be pushed to the top of searches for three times over the next three days.

And that’s how you Bump on Carousell! Bumps help you sell your items faster. So if you’re in a hurry to clear your preloved items, and make room for the things that matter, try it out today!

Happy Carouselling!


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