How Much Is Your Barang Worth?

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Looking to pocket some spare cash? Declutter your house and sell those old and underused barang – They could be worth more money than you think.

Is your wallet struggling to keep up with your shopping and spending habits? Or are you just trying to survive till the next payday?

Or you might have been inspired by Marie Kondo – who currently has a show on Netflix – to declutter your home in hopes of freeing your mind and making your life better.

Guess what, you CAN declutter your home and easily make money in that process!

You may be surprised to how much you can fetch by selling your unused common items – from old handbags and books to fast-outdated tech.

It doesn’t take long or much effort to sell on Carousell. Just snap a photo and list an item in 30 seconds. Yes, it takes 30 seconds or less to list your item on Carousell.

Electronics & Gadgets

Did you know that there is an average of 50,000 daily browses for the Electronics & Gadgets category?

Technology moves on fast and is constantly in need of upgrading. Be it new technology or older technology, there is always a demand for this category on Carousell.

Apple products are, unsurprisingly, in high demand on our platform. A used iPhone XS (128gb) for example could fetch you a tidy sum of $1,400. That could easily fund your next holiday trip or pay for your next phone upgrade.

Item Suggested Average Price
iPhone XS (128gb) $1,400
iPhone XR (128gb) $1,200
iPhone X (64gb) $970
iPhone 8 plus (64gb) $780
iPhone 7 plus (128gb) $700
iPhone 6S (64gb) $288
Apple Watch Series 3 $450
Apple Watch Series 2 $350
iPad 3 $280
iPad mini cellular 2 $270
Macbook 12” $1,500

As for older models, an iPhone 7 Plus could still fetch you around $700. In fact, I sold one myself after having used it for
2 WHOLE years. Just make sure to take good care of your phone while using it, and we don’t see why there wouldn’t be a demand for it.

Besides phones, other Apple products such as the Macbook, iPad, Apple Watch, and even the iPod can fetch a tidy sum too.

If you are not an Apple fan, don’t worry! With the other half of Singapore’s population Android users, you can still easily trade in your used devices for a decent sum of cash too. Our top searched list includes Huawei Mate, Nintendo Switch, PS4, TV and laptops in general.

Item Suggested Average Price
Asus Laptop $900
Note 9 (128gb) $690
Samsung S9+ (64gb) $670
Samsung S9 (64gb) $540
Samsung S8 (64gb) $380
Huawei Mate 10 pro $400
Nintendo Switch $390
Sony PS4 Slim $350
Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) $45
Overcooked! 2 (PS4) $30
TV $280
Fitbit Charge 3 $180
Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker $115
Vacuum Cleaner $65

Fashion and Everything else

There may be times when you feel compelled to get rid of things. For example, in the lead-up to the festive season, it’s common to spring clean and change out old clothes for new ones. Or maybe you’re moving to a new place and you can’t keep all your stuff.

That dress you haven’t worn in months, that you say you’ll wear one day has been sitting in the closet collecting dust. Instead of dust, turn it into cash when you sell it.

Those branded sneakers you bought last year could fetch you as much as $75.

Even that, outdated IKEA 2-seater sofa set could earn you a nice sum of $190, or that bicycle which you haven’t ridden in a year could net you a smooth $280.

And while they may not be the obvious item to sell, books can be also be a nice little earner – if you have enough of them to sell.

So start Carouselling to make money and room for new beginnings!

Item Suggested Average Price
Book $7
Love Bonito dress $28
Vans shoes $60
Coach wallet $98
Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 $120
Gucci tote bag $500
Chanel classic strap bag $3600
Coffee table $60
Sofa $190
Ikea drawer $150
Bicycle $280

How to Price your Items

If you’re still unsure on how to price your item, try this new neat feature of ours! The new Price Suggestion feature helps you price just right.

Take a picture, enter in the listing title and we’ll provide you with the prices of visually similar listings to help you decide on the best price! 💰

Selling on Carousell is free of charge and payments can now be made safely and securely in app through CarouPay. Start selling here! Happy Carouselling!


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