To Bump or to Top Spotlight?

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Bumps and Top Spotlight are premium visibility features that help to promote your listing on Carousell.

However, each works differently for casual sellers and businesses. We’ll show you how each feature can be the most effective for you!


A Bump pushes, or ‘bumps’, your listing to the top of its category and search results once a day. This fresh visibility boost helps get your listing seen by users searching in those categories.

bumped listing

Do take note that Bumps are time-sensitive. Your listing will be slowly pushed downwards, As new listings are created and bumped by others.

Currently, we offer 3 types of Bumps to cater to your different selling needs.

  • A basic 1 Day Bump gives 1.4x more visibility.
  • A 3 Day Bump gives 2x more visibility.
  • An Urgent Bump, that bumps twice a day for three days, gives you 4x more visibility!

Top Spotlight

A Top Spotlight pins your listing in fixed positions when users search for relevant or associated products. These positions could be at the top of a category, or placed in the feed during browsing.

spotlighting your listing

Pinning your listing helps build an association of your item with the relevant search terms or even categories.

Compared to a Bump, which is a one-off purchase, Top Spotlight charges based on the number of clicks we deliver to your listing.

budgeting your spotlight

Set an amount you are comfortable to spend daily in order to maximise the clicks. You can set your Top Spotlight ad to run from any time between 3 to 30 days.

So what’s the difference?

Bump Top Spotlight
What is it? A one-time push to the top of the category. An ad campaign that pins your listing at the top of search results and within the browse feed.
How does it work? Position dependent on the creation of other listings and bumps. Placement and position dependent on the number of clicks you set and the duration of your campaign.
How much does it cost? Prices are fixed, based on the category your listing is in. Charges per click. Set your daily budget and campaign duration. Undelivered views will be refunded.


Who should use which?

Choose a Bump… Choose Top Spotlight…
Casual vs Professional Seller If you are decluttering, or selling tickets, and need a quick sale If you are a business and want a constant stream of visibility and sales
Single vs Multiple Quantity If your listing only has one unit, and you just need to close one deal without too many users seeing it If your listing has multiple units, and you want as many users viewing your listing as possible
Short-term vs Long-term Investments If you prefer to invest in a smaller coin bundle, good for only one or two boosts If you are comfortable buying bigger coin bundles which give you better value over the long term


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