We’ve got a brand new look!

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Today’s a special day for us! From our logo to our in-app design, we’ve got a spanking new look that we can’t wait for you to see.  

Why are we doing this now?
Once upon a time, 7 years ago, we were getting our start in schools through having students buy and sell textbooks, and helping everyone earn a little more by selling their extra clothes.

Today, with over 250 million listings and counting, and having spread the Carousell love to 6 more countries, the journey with you has been nothing short of amazing. Some of you have even bought or sold your first car or home with us!

So, just as you’ve grown with us, we want to continue growing with you – and we’re bringing a fresh new look to celebrate that. 

What inspired the look?
The year was 2012, and three fresh faces were getting their start with a start-up to help people declutter their lives.

They were inspired by an old-school carousel slide projector, which showcased photo memories one by one in a circular motion. In the same way, they imagined a place where items with stories could be passed from person to person; a place where one man’s treasure would be treasured by another.

And that was how Carousell got its name and logo. 

Here’s our new logoAs an evolution from the original, we’ve kept the iconic carousel slide projector shape, and have etched a ‘C’ into it that clearly represents us. The five lines in the icon represent core values we live by – Mission First, Care Deeply, Solve Problems, Be Relentlessly Resourceful and Stay Humble.

Here’s our new in-app look
What sets Carousell apart is that whether you’re buying or selling, everyone wins! So to create more win-win opportunities, we’ve made it simpler and cleaner to snap, list, chat and buy.

The simplicity also places the spotlight on the items and the stories behind them. Just as you took that first step to sell and buy with us, we want to make the experience a fulfilling one.

Beyond just the transaction, we believe that when buyers and sellers come together, magic moments can happen. We’re bringing that magic to life through the visual treatment of overlapping shapes, illustrations and colours.

Whether you are buying to begin a passion, or selling is your passion, whether you’re looking for a steal, or closing in on a deal, it’s a win-win for both sides. 

We’ve made it this far, thanks to you. So here’s to the next 700 years of inspiring everyone to sell and buy! We’re glad to have you here.

Ready to experience our brand new look? Update your app today!


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