When reboxing leads to new possibilities, Everyone Wins

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What a waste

We’ve all got stuff. Old stuff, new stuff, free stuff, sentimental stuff, these-were-on-sale-so-I-bought-10 stuff. 

All this stuff piles up and we often end up having to declutter, over and over again. Sound familiar? Most of the time, this means throwing things away. But wouldn’t it be a waste if your items were still in good condition? 

On top of that, we go on sprees, show off our hauls, unbox new loot for our friends and followers. Unboxing videos glamorise getting shiny and new things. Also, after these videos are made, many of these unboxed items end up unused, underused, and eventually discarded as well. Everything gets added to the 2-billion-ton trash problem that either gets burned or stuck in a landfill.

Unboxing’s all the craze, but we’re really just adding to the waste problem that’s only growing more alarming every day. What if there was a way to turn this around? 

From Unboxing to ‘Reboxing’

Instead of unboxing and showing off new things that end up in the bin later, why not pass it on? That’s what reboxing is about: pack up something you don’t need and pass it on to someone who might need it. 

After all, an item’s value doesn’t end once we don’t need it—it lives on with a new owner, helping them further their dreams, passions or goals.

When we rebox, Everyone Wins.

Let’s rebox!

To kick off reboxing, we’ve rallied our community — from business leaders to YouTube stars — to show you how easy and meaningful it is to rebox. 

If you’re passionate about the same things as they are, we’re giving you a chance to take your interest to the next level with their reboxed items!

Lucas Ngoo

Co-founder of Carousell, passionate about tech

He’s reboxing First-generation white polycarbonate MacBook, 2006

Why? Lucas loves tech entrepreneurship and how it can help people. Back in 2012, he used his trusty MacBook to code and build a test app for a hackathon together with his university friends Siu Rui and Marcus. This app was later known to be Carousell, which launched in August of the same year. He hopes that this same MacBook which was used to build his career can help other budding entrepreneurs out there, in any way possible.

Tyen Rasif @tyenstagram

Personal trainer, Host of ‘No Sweat’, passionate about fitness

She’s reboxing A pair of dumbbells

Why? There was a time when Tyen’s physique left her feeling down and out. She decided to try working out but couldn’t afford expensive equipment since she was just a student. Luckily, she found a secondhand pair of 3kg dumbbells online. They were a struggle to carry home, but it marked the start of her fitness journey. Since then, she’s graduated to heavier weights and hopes that she can help someone else kickstart a healthier lifestyle with her original weights.

How to participate
1) Visit their Carousell page or the collection here: https://caro.sl/reboxingcollection
2) Find the Rebox listing
3) Leave a comment on why the Rebox matters to you

It doesn’t stop there

Inspired to make a difference? We’ll be revealing something that will make your reboxing experience even more special.


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