Staff pick: Snack basket

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Here’s a typical conversation at our office desks:

“Can you put that away?”
“It’s not mine! It’s hers!”
Aya whatever just put it on the table.”
UGH! Our table is a mess!”

Yes, it is. A mess caused by an overload of snacks which could keep about 30 people alive should we ever be trapped in the office.

We have our own 120 x 60 cm tables, along with drawers. But why would we put Pocky, Tao Kae Noi, Oreos and other snacks, which are meant to be shared and accessible to all, in our IKEA mesh drawers, under our tables, out of sight?

No, we’re not that messy, really. But sharing is caring and snack o’clock is a legit time in our team. And what is snack o’clock without a pile of delicious snacks sitting on our tables to choose from?

So we typed “snack basket” into Carousell. No, we don’t need more snacks… just the basket. We typed in “basket” instead. $2 sounds pretty affordable for the future home of our stash!


Wah! Your table looks neater.” Nodding of heads.

The smell of a fresh start.

2 weeks later

Eh! Put those Hershey’s back in the basket!”
Aya whatever just put it on the table.”


Look like we’re going to need a bigger basket.


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