Best car suggestions for first-time buyers in Singapore

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Ready to look for your dream car? Here are our suggestions based on your budget & car type results:

1. The hustler

You’re driven and passionate about making it in life. Having your own car is an #adulting milestone unlocked!

A hustler like you will enjoy a car that leave a good impression like a conti, coupe or roadster. Click image to browse cars.👇


2.  The family person

Is "Mr./Ms. Responsible" your middle name? 😉 A car helps you fulfill your daddy/ mommy duties. Salute. 

A roomy MPV or family-friendly SUV could be a good fit for you! Click image to browse cars.👇


#3 The pragmatist

You’re grounded and like to keep things simple and low-maintenance (in a good way!)

An affordable and reliable ride like a sedan is your best bet. Click image to browse cars.👇


All the best in your car search!