How To Sell Your Used Car: 5 Extra Tips For First-Timers

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Selling cars is tough enough as a profession, but it can be much harder if you have no experience, and you’re selling your own car for the first time.

In a previous article, we covered 5 easy steps on how to price your car for a sale. If you’ve already put up your car for a sale and you’ve haven’t had any offers, something might be wrong with how you describe your car.

Fret not! I’ve spoken to people who make a career out of selling cars and here are 5 extra tips you can use to speed up the sale of your used car:

Tip #1: Grab the buyer’s interest in something else besides the price

Pricing the car right is important, and you can browse sites like Carousell to figure out the right number.

However, you shouldn’t just rely on the price to hold a buyer’s attention.

Instead, try to highlight details such as:

  1. Barely used
  2. Accident-free
  3. Custom tyre rims
  4. Includes (insert high-end brand) sound system

Tip #2: Make use of social platforms to advertise your car

Advertise your car on social media


You should post about the sale on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A few pictures, and a comment like; “Incredible price, less than $85,000 for barely-used Mitsubishi Lancer.”

This can get you almost as many responses as a paid advertisement does. So don’t rush to take out full page ads in newspapers. Put it up on Carousell, and then share your listing via your own social media to reach out first.

Tip #3: Prepare the right story for your used car

Modified Car


You should spend about 20 minutes creating and memorising the “story” behind your car.

For example, you could explain how this was your first car, and how much it means to you – and that you’re selling it because now you’re raising your first child (don’t lie though, as the buyers might find out).

A story like this implies that the car will be well-maintained, because you care for it, and that the buyer will be helping out in a significant way.

The most common mistake among amateur car sellers is to think that these details “don’t matter” – but any professional can tell you that a good story provides an edge (and costs nothing).

Pro tip: Do not tell stories that involve bad luck events, car accidents, or suggest that the car has been put through its paces (e.g. racing stories).

Do not lie about your car


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Tip #4: Offer extra services instead of price cuts

Car sales experts loathe offering discounts, not least because of what it implies (if they could have gone lower, that means they were trying to grab more of the buyer’s money at the start).

Rather than offer price cuts, try to offer extra services or freebies.

For example, you could offer to upgrade the radio system, or repaint the car a colour that the buyer prefers. You might even want to transfer a car wash service that’s paid up for the rest of the year if you have one.

Of course, these all have costs that you’ll have to consider – but you should not budge on what you know to be the right value of your used car.

Pro tip: Don’t lower the price of your car too early. The buyer will begin to push harder to see if you can go even lower. After all, it worked for them the first time.

Tip #5: Qualify the potential buyer

This is when you explain why you think the buyer is worth your price and time. That sounds arrogant, but it’s pleasing when it’s sincere.

For example, you could tell a buyer you like how he’s also a family man, and in the same difficult line of work as you;  that’s why you’d rather sell to him than other prospective buyers.

Whatever reason you come up with, just be sure it’s a sincere one, and that it explains why the buyer is most qualified to purchase your used car.

This allows you to forge a more personal connection with the buyer. People prefer to buy from people who like them. Sometimes, this little bit extra matters more than just the price, or whether the air-con fluid has been topped up.

Selling your used car:

These 5 extra tips we’ve covered above will give you an extra edge when potential buyers start comparing car listings. By providing enough details and the right story for your car, it helps you speed up the sale of your car.

In case you forget these tips, I’ve compiled them into a handy guide for you to keep. You just have to click on the button below to download!

Download free guide on extra tips to sell used car

If you haven’t already listed your car for sale, click on the button below to list in on Carousell’s marketplace now!

Sell my used car on Carousell now

Remember to share these tips with your car kakis or friends who want to sell their used car! These tips would definitely help guide first-timers make a successful sale.

Written by Ryan Ong

If you’re having trouble downloading the guide, here’s a recap of the extra tips above:

  1. Include other interesting details besides the price to grab the buyer’s attention.
  2. Make use of social platforms to advertise your car for free. 
  3. Prepare the right story for your used car.
  4. Do not offer price cuts too early, offer extra services instead.
  5. Qualify the potential buyer to avoid wasting your time and effort.



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