How to Handle 5 Super Difficult Car Buyers in Singapore

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If you’re selling your used car, you might face car buyers that give you a big headache.

Difficult car buyers also cost you precious time. You want a smooth and fast car deal instead because you have other priorities to worry about.

The last thing you want to do is to make a big mistake that will cost you money.

Do you know to handle these troublesome buyers?

Don’t worry, here are 5 common buyers in Singapore you might face when you sell your secondhand car:

  1. The Blur Sotong
  2. The “Sure or not”
  3. The Low-baller
  4. The 4x Test Driver
  5. The Vanishing Magician

You can use this guide to help you handle difficult buyers so you can have a successful car sale!

Car Buyer #1: The Blur Sotong

Picture of a car buyer that does not know how to sell his car


This character is clueless. They are usually inexperienced car buyers who do not do their research beforehand.

How do I identify this car buyer?

If you’re a veteran in everything car related, this buyer is easy to spot.

They can’t answer you when you ask about car terms like:

  1. Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF)
  2. Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP)

This buyer might not even know that the law requires them to have car insurance.

Difficult car buyer that do not know how to buy a used car.png

If you’re a first-time car seller, don’t worry if you don’t understand these terms. You can click on them above or click here to learn more about car terms and ownership in Singapore.

How do I handle this difficult car buyer?

If this type of buyer shows a strong interest in buying your car, do not avoid them. They want to know more details about your used car.

You will have a smooth deal once you provide this buyer with the information they need.

Pro Tip: Consider how much time you have. Do not prolong your conversation with this buyer if they do not show a strong interest.

Car Buyer #2: The “Sure or not”

This character is a huge sceptic. They know that there are scams happening online.

How do I identify this car buyer?

This buyer is easy to spot. They always reply you with, “Sure or not?” whenever you tell them about your car.

They also use other common phrases like:

  1. Don’t scam me
  2. How can you confirm this?
  3. Can I check?

It can get annoying, especially when you’re trying to sell the perks about buying your used car. It isn’t easy to convince this buyer through a conversation.

How do I handle this difficult car buyer?

There is only one way to convince this buyer you’re not lying. Find your used car’s proper documentation and show it to them to strengthen your claims.

Pro Tip: You should prepare the details and specifications about your car before negotiating with this buyer. This gives you the upper hand when you want to prove your point. Do not negotiate with them until you do so.

Car Buyer #3: The Low-baller

Singaporeans are familiar with this type of buyer. It is common to run across them when you sell your secondhand items online.

Take a look at this bad experience a car seller faced from an online forum:

Car buyer that lowballs the asking price.png

How do I identify this car buyer?

A low-baller never fails to reduce the asking price for your used items to a price you can never agree to.

They start by asking for a super low price to test how much you can compromise. Then, they increase their asking price a little before agreeing on a price they favour.

How do I handle this difficult car buyer?

The quick answer is, do not negotiate with them. They try their best to force you into selling your used car for cheap.

It is not worth it to lose thousands of dollars just because you run across a car buyer that is looking for a bargain.

You have to calculate your used car’s value and be firm with your asking price. Serious car buyers can recognise a fair deal when they see one.

Car Buyer #4: The 4x Test Driver

Picture of a test driver before a car sale


This character is another buyer that is easy to spot. They will request for the chance to test drive your car multiple times.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find out if they are serious about buying your car. It is a waste of time for you to allow test drivers who are not.

How do I handle this difficult car buyer?

You should limit the number and duration of test drives. Make it clear to the buyer from the start.

Don’t forget to ask them to sign an indemnity form before you allow them to test drive your car. If you don’t, you might be liable for accidents that occur.

Pro Tip: Set terms and conditions for their test drive that hold them liable for damage to your car. This prevents and protects you from paying money for car repairs.

Car Buyer #5: The Vanishing Magician

This is the most frustrating type of car buyer. It is impossible to identify them because you can never tell when they might disappear from a deal.

Worst case scenario is, they might not even show up when you’re supposed to finalise the sale of your car.

How do I handle this difficult car buyer?

Even though it is hard to tell when they might run away from a deal, you can follow these 3 steps to prevent it:

  1. Set a realistic deadline for interested car buyers to reply you with an offer
  2. Inform them how many other people are making offers for your car
  3. Make use of written agreements and ask them for a deposit if they’re interested

When you give them a deadline and tell them about other interested parties, it pressures them. It tells them that you’re serious about selling your used car and you do not want to waste any time.

When you ask for a deposit from serious buyers, it prevents last minute cancellations because they do not want to forfeit their money.

Selling Your Used Car

Negotiating the sale of your car can be tough but I hope this guide helps you make it easier. Now, you can identify and handle difficult car buyers in Singapore.

Good luck in selling away your used car!

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