5 must-have driving apps for Singapore drivers other than Google Maps

There's an app to find the cheapest carpark near you. There's an app to give you directions in Elvis Presley's voice. There's an app for everything.

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Driving in Singapore makes life so much more convenient. Except that they come with challenges on their own like navigation, avoiding traffic congestions and expensive parking fees. So we’ve curated a list of apps to help make every drive an easy breezy one!

Best smartphone apps for driving in Singapore:

1. Waze
2. Trafficam SG/ Traffic Cam Singapore
3. Park-a-Lot
4. Parking.sg
5. TomTom South East Asia

1. For navigation: Waze

waze - best driving app singapore

Waze has warning notifications for upcoming red lights and speed cameras, information you can’t get with Google Maps – also the biggest bonus cited by Singapore drivers who prefer using Waze to navigate around.

Waze functions very much like Google Maps with turn-by-turn instructions to get you to your destination.

While Google Maps relies heavily on information provided by the authorities, Waze uses information from its users for its real-time traffic information. While the app is opened, your speed and route will be tracked, and the information will then be combined with that of other users to accurately determine the congestion level.

In terms of the ease of route, you might find that Waze offers route options that involve more turns and small lanes. That’s because the app is designed to get you to your destination as fast as possible, down to the very second. It’s not much of an issue in Singapore since the roads here are fairly uncomplicated, but you might be going down alleyways and back lanes if you’re driving overseas.

Also, there’s the fun stuff: You can also customize your Waze to have celebrity voices. Elvis Presley, is that you?

Free on both Apple iOS and Android.

2. Trafficam SG (Apple iOS)/ SG Traffic Cam (Android)

trafficam sg - best driving app singapore

The apps above beam live snaps of traffic from cameras placed above expressways straight to your phone. If you’re suspicious of the real-time traffic information provided by the navigation apps above, then the camera apps above are great for you to make judgements and have a better idea just how heavy (or light) the traffic is.

Also, the apps are especially excellent for checking out traffic conditions heading into and exiting Woodlands Causeway and Second Link. Good for all those times you’re considering, “Is it wise to drive into JB for dinner right now?”

Free on both Apple iOS and Android.

3. For finding a car park lot: Park-a-Lot { SG }

park a lot sg - best driving app singapore

Park-a-Lot is an app that will definitely make it less of a chore to find a parking spot, and make your parking bills lighter. The app lists the car parks that are near your current location or destination, and allows you to sort them by price based on your parking duration or by distance.

It even features a very handy page to let you know the availability of car park spaces at some locations, such as along Orchard and Raffles Boulevard.

Free on Apple iOS.

4. And then parking your car: Parking.sg

parking.sg - best driving app singapore

Parking.sg lets you pay for your parking using your phone at coupon parking car parks.

This means no more paper parking coupons, and no more trouble with under or overestimating your parking duration. You can extend your session through the app anytime if needed, even remotely; you’ll be refunded the parking fee accordingly if you end your session early.

Free on both Apple iOS and Android.

5. For road-tripping up to Malaysia: TomTom South East Asia

tomtom south east asia - best driving app singapore

If Google Maps and Waze are great apps for navigating, why bother with this expensive TomTom app? TomTom SEA saves the maps in your phone, therefore allowing you to navigate even when you do not have mobile data, especially for trips up north.

Moreover, the large one-time fee also saves you data roaming fees should you get lost on a road trip abroad, (and in the process, relationship with your passengers too).

S$88.98 on Apple iOS and Android


Adapted from oneshift.com


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