Carousell’s Most Popular Cars of 2020 (Singapore)

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Isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year?🎄  We say definitely, especially for car buyers! What’s not to be excited about? Aside from snagging those awesome year-end promos, it’s the perfect time to get fresh news on which cars were most popular this 2020handy info if you’re still in research mode.

If “Buying my dream car” is one of your 2021 goals, we’ve compiled the top 10 cars on Carousell in terms of brand and model searches to help narrow down your search. Our selection is based on Carousell Singapore’s user search trends on the platform for this year. 

Curious to know if the car you’re eyeing “led the race”? Find out below.

2020 Most Popular Car Brands 


Did you know that based on trends, German cars are highly desired by Singaporeans? There’s actually a deeper reason behind this— more than being just a mode of transport, driving continental brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz or Audi are seen as “status symbols” to attain. It’s no secret that owning a car in Singapore is very expensive and is limited to a chosen few who get to secure the highest COE bid. Apart from status, these 3 mentioned brands also provide luxurious comfort, generally as compared to Japanese and Korean cars.

True enough— according to ValueChampion, 2017 statistics showed that while car ownership is decreasing in Singapore especially from mass brands (Hyundai, Toyota), more people are buying higher-end cars which tallies with our number 1 and 2 top brands searched on Carousell!

In the midst of our European car craze, Honda will always be that “OG” must-try car for aspiring car buyers. Its popularity can be attributed to its reputation of reliability, Japanese sensibility and “won’t go wrong” models like Civic, or Jazz.

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2020 Most Popular Car Models


If you need car recommendations, or just curious about what’s hot right now, this section is handy for you! Let’s talk about these most popular 2020 car models on Carousell, and why we agree with our community that they are awesome picks.

#1: Honda Civic

I first knew of Honda Civic as a kid, when my dad used to drive this around as our first car. Fast forward to 2020, it is still the most sought-after model by buyers! Frequently used in driving schools, you could say the Honda Civic is one of the easiest beginner cars to drive. True enough, a classic Civic’s staying power is undeniable.

What’s not to love about it? As it is super reliable (Fun fact: Honda Civics are known to go over 200,000 miles with low maintenance) and economical to keep, it is definitely one of the safest choices in the market for a first car.


#2: Honda Fit

The second placer in our most-searched list is another Honda car! If you have a preference for hatchbacks, Honda Fit is well known for being economical, functional and easy to maintain too. 

Aside from this, it boasts of an impressive fuel economy, spacious cabin— perfect for family use or road trips, and a high safety rating. In fact, US-based National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the Honda Fit with 5 out of 5 stars overall. Impressive.


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#3: Nissan GTR

Nissan GTR is one of the most popular cars in the world, and is every Singaporean’s dream ride. This car looks so cool, you could imagine James Bond or a hotshot CEO driving it around town. While it’s indeed a very stylish and high-tech sports car, it can cost up to a whopping $288,000. 

Even though buying this car can just be a dream for most of us, it’s still fun to admire its beauty. Check out Nissan GTR listings here.


#4: Volkswagen Scirocco

Scirocco is a popular sporty looking coupe that’s attainable by many. If you don’t have the budget for a BMW or Audi yet, Volkswagen is a great alternative for a continental car. 

Aside from its more economical price vs. other European cars, this coupe looks posh and well-built in its typical Volkswagen fashion. It is also known for its roomy front space, strong engine performance and overall reliability.


#5: Mini Cooper

Last but not the least, the MINI Cooper is a lifestyle car that many aspire to own. With its unique look and how it runs like a sports car, it’s no doubt that this ride will be in most car buyers’ wish list.

A MINI Cooper is great if you’re looking for a car that’s fun to drive, with its super compact exterior and strong engine power. Yup, it can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 7.4 seconds! Its features are luxurious too which gives it a high resale value. 

Before buying one, do note that this car can be expensive to maintain and uses premium fuel. If its small size and maintenance cost are not issues for you, we definitely encourage you to get one.


That ends our recap of the 10 most popular car brands and models on Carousell this 2020. Have you picked your favourite one to purchase next year? Let us know in the comments section! 


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