Carousell Inspected: What’s this about?

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Thinking of getting a pre-owned car? Get a peace of mind before you buy!

What’s Carousell Inspected?

✅Carousell Inspected, Singapore’s first pre-purchase check for pre-owned cars, is partnering with Authorised Dealerships and reputable workshops to increase trust and transparency in the purchase of pre-owned cars.

Prior to making the purchase of a pre-owned car, potential buyers can request for a pre-purchase inspection with the service centres of the brand for a health check to understand the as-is condition of the car in question.

📝What’s a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is a visual checking of the pre-owned vehicle’s main components, such as undercarriage, engine area and cabin, carried out by certified technicians.

📝Why get a pre-purchase inspection?

The inspection serves as an indicator of the vehicle’s health, which provides the buyer and seller a better understanding of the condition as-is.

📝How does this work?

Once you’ve shortlisted a pre-owned car, and have commenced negotiations with the seller, simply request for a pre-purchase inspection with the brand of the shortlisted car. Once done, the respective service centre and workshop will get in touch with you directly to arrange for an inspection slot.

📝Carousell Inspected Partners (tap on the respective link to request):


Is there a standardisation of service rendered among partnering brands?

Currently, service centres of partnering brands will not be required to have a standard inspection process as long as the pre-purchase inspection fulfils the objective of providing the consumer with a transparent, unbiased understanding of the vehicle’s current condition.

How much are the partnering brands charging for the service?

Currently, each partnering brand is free to set their own rates, which will be visibly highlighted to the consumer in the request process.

How will the payment be collected?

The respective service centres will collect payment from either the buyer or seller of the inspected vehicle directly before the release of the pre-purchase inspection result.


View the ✅Carousell Inspected Terms & Conditions here.


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