Car buying during COVID-19: 3 reasons why now is the best time

From special discounts to digital showrooms, there’s a lot you can look forward to!

car buying during covid-19 singapore
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Has COVID-19 put your major life plans on hold this 2021? Buying a car doesn’t have to be one of them!🙂 With the economic uncertainty all of us in Singapore feel uneasy about, we get how it’s one of those life upgrades you might be filing under: “Sigh.. Maybe next time”.

Here’s a friendly tip: buying a car especially now is actually the best time to do it—if you have the means! Believe it or not, this is the golden moment for you to score much cheaper rates AND have that hassle-free experience than before. 

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why now is the best time to drive your new ride home:

A car provides you a safer and more convenient way to travel vs. public commuting 

Wanna hear a short horror story? Riding a crowded public transport in the middle of a Coronavirus outbreak!😱 *chills*

A car may cost a fortune, but there’s no denying that the peace of mind it gives is priceless. Social distancing is one of the key practices we can do to ensure our safety and our family’s from catching the virus. By owning a private vehicle, you have the means to avoid risky outside contact while going to work, making your grocery run and doing other essential errands. Aside from this, public transportation is also very limited at the moment. Having a car = the freedom for you to drive whenever and wherever necessary without any hassle.

If buying a car has long been part of your plans anyway, we encourage you to go for it your health and convenience is a top priority now more than ever.

You can take advantage of special promos offered during COVID-19 period

With car sales dropping during the pandemic, auto dealerships and individual sellers are more likely to offer special promotions to help their businesses bounce back faster. Attractive deals will be their way of incentivising new buyers, which works to your benefit if you’re currently on the market to purchase! For example, Kah Motor (Honda Singapore’s distributor) offered big discounts up to S$13,000 last May during their Circuit Breaker Special and an option for buyers to decide on how much they want to bid for their own COE.

You may want to follow your preferred dealers on social media or browse online car buying sites to be updated on the latest offerings in the market right now.

You can now buy and inspect the car you want at the comforts of your home

What if COVID-19 happened 20 years ago? Personally, I can’t imagine how to survive without Wi-Fi to work remotely, order McDonald’s online and watch Netflix! Lucky for us, accessing most of our needs is just one click away— car shopping included.😉

In light of the new normal, did you know that some car companies are shifting their processes digitally, to overcome physical limitations of going to the showroom? You may have heard of BMW’s Convenience 360 for example, wherein they let you experience car buying at home from browsing their digital showroom, test-driving at your doorstep, up to delivering your car. How cool is that!

Whether you are looking for a used or brand new car, car window shopping life is now easier online. Imagine having the freedom to choose from trusted dealers to individual sellers AND scout the best offer for you before sealing a deal. Did you know you can do that with Carousell? Think of it as a virtual showroom at your fingertips. Pro tip: Check out seller’s profile ratings and reviews for your added peace of mind.

Carousell Autos homepage

Aside from going online, here are other handy tips to reduce your risk of getting Coronavirus while car shopping:

  • Before test-driving, verify with the dealership or seller that the car’s high touchpoint areas has been completely disinfected before stepping inside
  • Reduce your person-to-person contact through requesting for a contactless delivery experience, if possible
  • If visiting a showroom is inevitable, connect with reputable sellers who practice strict hygiene protocols at this time

Shop for great car deals, no matter what the timing is

Still feeling uncertain whether to make that car purchase? No worries! There are still more ways to maximize your opportunity to save with Carousell, even after COVID ends. As autos depreciate in value over time, why not consider buying a secondhand car at a more affordable price? If you’re ready to buy your ride, whether used or brand new, Swiftquote can help to find you a car loan with the lowest interest rate, and also guide you through the loan application process. The choice is all yours. 

All the best in your car hunting!🚗



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