We’re cleaning up our Autos categories for a better experience!

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Here at Carousell, we love buying and selling as much as you do! Just like the thrill of buying a half-priced camera lens to pursue a passion for photography, or the excitement of earning back losses from a dress that doesn’t fit anymore. Nothing feels better than getting a good deal!

Our mission has always been to inspire every person in the world to start selling and buying to make more possible for one another. And since then, we’ve been constantly making your Carousell journey better.

While feedback that old listings, sellers who don’t reply and duplicate listings hinder a good shopping experience, just know that we hear you–and we’re working on it! 

As such, on top of existing measures being applied to all other categories, we’ll be implementing a listing quota and listing fees for Cars Accessories from 1 January 2021.

How does this affect me?

With a free listing quota of 25, Carousellers can list up to 25 items across any categories under “Car Accessories” without incurring any listing fees. However, when this quota is exceeded, a listing fee of 428 Carousell Coins is required before your item can be listed on the Carousell marketplace. 


Overview of new listing measures

Category: Car Accessories (including Workshops & Services category)

Before 1 Jan 2021 As of 1 Jan 2021
Listing Quota Not implemented 25 listings
Listing Expiry Not implemented 90 days
Listing Fee Not implemented 428 coins

Sub-category: Used Cars / Parallel Imports / Car Rental / Commercial Vehicles (All)

Before 1 Jan 2021 As of 1 Jan 2021
Listing Quota (pegged to Parent: Cars) 5 listings 1 listing
Listing Expiry 180 days 90 days
Listing Fee 1000 coins 200 coins

Sub-category: Other Vehicles

Before 1 Jan 2021 As of 1 Jan 2021
Listing Quota (pegged to Parent: Cars) 5 listings 1 listing
Listing Expiry 180 days 90 days
Listing Fee 1000 coins 500 coins

Note: Deleting the listing in your profile does not reset the free listing quota.

With this, we aim to encourage quality listings and reduce listing spam in our marketplace, making it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for, and for sellers to make a quicker deal. It’s a win-win for both! 


What can I expect from this change?

For Carousellers with existing listing(s) across the Car Accessories umbrella of categories, there’s nothing much to worry about! Just take note that the 90-day validity period will start on 1 January 2021, which means that your existing listing(s) will expire on 1 April 2021. You can then re-list up to 25 listings for free! For the 26th listing and beyond, each listing will then require a listing fee of 428 Carousell Coins to get them listed on Carousell.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I pay for listing fees?
    By using Carousell Coins!
  2. Why is my listing marked as “Draft”?
    Listings are marked as “Draft” when you exceed your free listing quota. “Draft” listings are not visible in the marketplace and require payment using Carousell Coins before they can be listed.
  3. Why is my listing marked as “Expired”?
    As the validity of the listings within the umbrella of Car Accessories is 90 days, this means that the listing will be removed from visibility in the marketplace after 90 days. You may renew your “Expired” listings using Carousell Coins.


Fret not, Carousell continues to be free to use for all users. You can still sell multiple items, 30 at a time. However, if you’re struggling to prioritise what to sell, check out our listing guide here

Happy Carouselling!


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