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Hey, it's Arun from the digital marketing team at Carousell! My job is to inspire more people to start selling their preloved instead of tossing them. I love nature and animals very much and in another life I would be a veterinarian so topics like recycling and conservation get me really excited. 😎🍕🌳 🐘 🗻 🌞 🌊 🌏 ✈🎾 🐺 ⛺

The Art To Modern Living Room Design On A Budget (7 Unique Ideas)

Modern design doesn't always come with a hefty price-tag, and it's actually easy to create chic living rooms.

Tips For How to Sell Old Stereo Equipment Online

Do you have old stereo equipment lying around your house collecting dust? It wouldn’t be a huge surprise. After all, electronic equipment goes out of style very quickly. What’s cool one year will be considered old and out of date the next. But sometimes, something you may consider old and useless could be exactly what ...

8 Surprising Items Sitting In Your Home That People Will Pay For

We all have those things sitting in our home that are too good to throw out – but that we never thought someone would pay for. We leave them there, languishing in a cupboard, even though we never use them, even though we spent money on them, and even though somebody else might want them. ...

6 Tips For How to Price Secondhand Goods Effectively

Selling secondhand goods like preloved clothes can be a great way to earn some extra cash, or to streamline a small side business into an unexpectedly successful career. Better yet, it doesn’t require a large investment to begin with, and you can probably find what you need at home and declutter your room while you’re at ...

How to Declutter Your Room in 15 Simple Steps

Have you ever lost something in amongst the clutter of your room? Use these 15 simple ways to declutter your room.