Spotlight is a quick and easy way to expose your property listings to potential home-seekers, across the entire Carousell marketplace!

This empowers you to reach your clients even when they’re browsing other categories like Home & Furniture, Electronics, Fashion etc.

With Spotlight, you pay only for the clicks that your property listing gets. I.e. If Spotlight shows your listing to a Carouseller but they don’t tap into your listing, you’re not charged for anything.

There are 2 ways to get to the Spotlight page:

  1. On your profile page, click on the “Promote” button on the listing you’d like to bump (see screenshot below), or
  2. Within the listing itself, click on the “Promote” button

Then, select “Spotlight” and customise your Spotlight campaign as you wish:

• Daily target clicks: Set a target of 40-100 clicks daily.
• Duration of the Spotlight: Set a duration between 3 to 30 days.
(Optional) Prioritise your Spotlight ad: The cost of prioritising your Spotlight depends on how many other listings are running on Spotlight in this category, and the % priority (50%, 100% or 200%) you select.
(Optional) Select specific keywords to target: Choose from a list of suggested keywords relevant to your listing. Each keyword is priced according to their popularity.

A Spotlight costs 3,600 coins onwards. The higher your budget, the more you can optimise your Spotlight campaign.

Once your spotlight campaign is running, it’ll be reflected as such:

Spotlight will run each day until your daily target clicks are reached, for as long as you set the duration of your campaign to be.

Here are some common questions about Spotlighting your property listing:

What if my target clicks are not met?

With Spotlight, you only pay after your campaign ends, for the clicks that your listing gets.

Let us explain: When you’re setting up your Spotlight campaign, you’ll be shown the cost according to how you customise it. That’s assuming your daily target clicks are met.

If your daily target clicks are not met, the cost of your Spotlight will be pro-rated based on delivered clicks, and you’ll be charged accordingly.

What happens if I edit my listing while the Spotlight campaign is running?

Marking your listing as “Sold”, “Reserved” or “Deleted”, or changing its category, will remove it from Spotlight, and you’ll be charged a pro-rated amount of Carousell Coins.

However, you’re free to edit the details of your listing (e.g. your listing title, description, etc).

Does Spotlight guarantee a sale?

Spotlight provides your listings with more visibility – we’re all about helping you to sell!

However, we cannot guarantee that a Spotlight will lead to a sale. To make sure you get the most out of your Spotlight campaign, use them on good quality listings!

How is Spotlight different from Bumps?

That’s a question we get pretty often! Spotlight and Bumps both help to improve an item’s visibility on the Carousell marketplace, but they work differently.

A Bump pushes your property listing to the top of the category, and costs the same regardless of the clicks it delivers. Anyone browsing the Property category will be able to see your listing.

With Spotlight, your property listing will appear in various categories, specifically to relevant users we’ve identified as potential property-seekers. You only pay for the clicks that your listing gets during the campaign period.


Tracking your Spotlight results

This is similar to tracking your Bump results. To track your Spotlight results, simply tap on the graph icon on your listing to access the listing insights.

Here, you get a clear overview of the number of impressions (i.e. how many people have seen your listing), clicks (i.e. how many people have tapped into your listing), and chats.