Featured Agent: Kiwi Ong, ERA

14 years in the real estate business is not a short amount of time, and for ERA’s Senior Division Director – Advisor Pro Kiwi Ong, his broad experience is precisely what makes him the strong mentor he is today.

He shares more about leading his team of agents:

What does it mean to be a part of your team?

To rise, raise each other! Being close-knit as a team, in a professional capacity, means having this mindset.

When I first started out, there weren’t many platforms for new joiners to learn the secrets of the industry. Even I was skeptical about whether I made the right career move.

That was also what inspired me to guide every member of my team by helping them to avoid the unnecessary paths that I took in my early agent days. It’s just so rewarding seeing my team members not just reach their goals, but also get there as efficiently as possible.

That said, the property business is a marathon – not a sprint – which brings me back to staying together as one team, and cultivating the right culture towards a long-term winning attitude.

What’s special about your team?

I would say we’re Lifestyle Realtors influencing and setting the trend in property agency work.

The goal is to bring more wealth and happiness to our customers – I’ve created a unique Assets Continuity Planning blueprint for each of my team members to share with their clients.

What’s equally important, though, is for my agents to be financially free themselves. As an agent, if you’ve experienced success personally, you’re in the best position to guide others to do the same!

What do you like about your job?

Seeing my agents achieve their life goals and financial freedom – which also means their clients are doing well, because an agent can only do as well as the clients he/she services.

Your top tip for agents?

Be creative with technology. In today’s ever-changing disruption, technological disruptions are a frequent occurrence. (Look at how many new property-related apps and services are entering the market!)

So much property news and data are now readily available to anyone and everyone, and that just means agents have to provide a service that’s even more valuable than that. To do so, work with technology, not against it.

Basically, stay ahead of the game!

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