Featured Agents: Edmund Tan & CinDior Ho, Propnex

How to safely transform from ordinary home owners to real estate winners?

Grow and preserve your wealth through the home you own in 90 days, without all the complications and uncertainty –sounds like a lot to promise, but Real Estate Strategists Edmund Tan and CinDior Ho have tons of success stories to share.

Their formula for success: Their proven 3-step R.E.I Method™, and it’s backed by pure facts, figures, data and numbers.

What’s special about the way you mentor others?

We’ve formulated a unique R.E.I (Real Estate Insider) Method™, founded upon the idea that anyone can progress to own their dream property one day, and have the financial freedom to retire without worry.

The R.E.I Method™ is for everyone – it’s technique-driven, which means it can always be learnt. Even for new agents, we like to get them started early. We mentor them while they’re still undergoing their preparation for the license to give them an edge among the rest.

Tell us about your R.E.I Method™!

The R.E.I Method™ is a proven 3-step process we use to empower our property agents.

As agents, we’re not just here to buy, sell or rent at our client’s instructions. Rather, strive to be a Real Estate Consultant with the industry knowledge and foresight to advise your clients on their property decisions.

Take for instance Mr and Mrs Tan, who were not aware that their current property was stagnant in value. In employing the R.E.I Method™ ourselves, we assisted them in upgrading to another condo with high potential gains.

Mrs Tan was also able to immediately purchase another property, which she now rents out for additional income.

What do you like about your jobs?

For most Singaporeans, our homes are closely connected to our lifestyles and our financial freedom. In being a part of our clients’ property decisions, we’re also helping them to achieve a better life.

The Tans, for example, have a much greater peace of mind, now that their properties have helped them achieved an even better financial position.

Using the same R.E.I Method™, CinDior herself also went from being a single parent, 3-room HDB owner to a proud owner of a private property. But what really brings the most satisfaction? Being able to provide a better life for her daughter and mother without giving up on her precious family time with them.

Your top tip for agents?

Information is everywhere, but what matters is what you do with it.

The best way to get started is finding a mentor who can acquaint you with the systems and strategies used by the best agents in real estate. That’s how you gain insight, and eventually use it to accelerate your professional and personal growth.

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