Getting Started on Carousell

We’ve made listing your properties on Carousell as simple and fuss-free as possible. Here’s all you need to know!

Download Carousell from the main App store (iOS/ Android) and log in with your unique username and password:

If you’re a property agent claiming your freemium account, you’ll find that we’ve already credited some extra love to your new account!

You’ll see a special badge on your profile picture, as well as 20,000 coins already in your account. You can use these coins to upload or boost your property listings (see steps 4-6).

If your account doesn’t reflect this, feel free to reach out to your friendly Account Managers for help!

You can view your Carousell profile by tapping on the “Me” tab on the bottom row.

Here’s a quick overview on how your profile should look like and the useful links within:

  1. The gear icon brings you to your settings. Click here to change your username, profile picture, password and notification settings.
  2. Scrolling down on your profile page, this will be where your listings appear once you’ve uploaded them/ imported them over onto Carousell.

There are 2 ways to upload your property listings onto Carousell:

  1. Manually create a property listing by clicking on the “Sell” button
  2. Import your current property listings on the web onto your Carousell account by clicking the “Import Listings” button

Manually creating a property listing

After clicking on the “Sell” button, choose the property images you’d like in your listing. You can choose up to 10 photos, in any order.

Choose the category (i.e. “Property”) and sub-categories (e.g. For Sale > Condo) accordingly:

Now, fill up all the relevant details within the listing. Note that fields with the dark red tag are compulsory:

Also remember to include your property agent details!

Click on “List it!” when you’re done!

Importing your property listings

The Carousell Property Listing Importer feature allows you to import your current property listings on the web onto the Carousell Property marketplace – via just a few taps of the button!

Simply tap on “Import Listings” on your profile page, pick which listings you’d like to import, and you’re done! Simple as that.

To activate this feature, you’ll first need to update your CEA information.

Click on “Settings” and then on “CEA Information”, and fill in the fields accordingly:

*NOTE: We’re building a better listing importer tool for you, so for now, you’ll only be able to import listings created before 20 November 2019. Sorry, we’re working on it!

Utilising your listing quota

To check how many free property listings you have left, click on the “About” button on your profile page, and it should reflect this information.

After you’ve used up your listing quota, you can continue uploading property listings for 1,000 coins (SGD10 equivalent) per listing.

Find out more about your freemium account here.

A live listing is one that’s currently listed on Carousell.

It will be visible to other users when they browse or search the marketplace.By default, your property listing will be live once you upload it onto Carousell.

A sold listing is one that’s no longer available for sale.

You can select “Mark as Sold” on your property listing once it’s off the market.

Sold listings are not visible on the marketplace, but will still be present on your profile.

Property listings on Carousell expire every 120 days in order to ensure properties listed are relevant.

An expired listing is one that’s not live on Carousell as it was created more than 60 days ago.

You can renew an expired listing by clicking the “Renew” button. Note that renewing a listing will deduct a free listing from your listing quota.

Pro tip: Alternatively, you can also renew your listing prior to them expiring by bumping them. By bumping a listing, it automatically gets renewed from another 120 days without deducting from your listing quota.

Bumps and Spotlight are internal visibility tools that allow you to get more awareness, and in turn drive more leads for your properties.

Bumps push your listing to the top of the Property category, allowing every user browsing the category to see it.

Spotlight exposes your property listings to relevant users, specifically users we’ve identified as potential home-seekers, across the entire Carousell Marketplace.

Read our guides on Bumps and Spotlight!

To get to the Bump and Spotlight page:

  1. On your profile page, click on the “Promote” button on the listing you’d like to bump, or
  2. Within the listing itself, click on the “Promote” button

Then, simply select Spotlight, Urgent Bump, 3-Day Bump or Instant Bump.

At this stage, you’ll probably have a few chats from interested property-seekers streaming in.

You can either:

  1. Access all of your chats (through your main inbox)
  2. Access chats on a specific listing (through the particular listing)

Accessing all of your chats

To do this, simply click on the speech bubble icon at the top right hand corner.

Accessing chats on a specific listing

Or, if you’d rather access chats for only one specific listing, click into the listing card and you’ll see a blue button at the bottom showing the number of chats you currently have on the listing.

Tap on the button to access these chats.

Clean up your inbox

Have too many old messages that are no longer relevant, or just want to tidy up your inbox?

You can archive chat in your inbox by swiping left on the chat.

To access your archived chats, click on “Archived” at the top right hand corner of your inbox.