Bumps help increase the visibility of your items on the category by pushing your listing to the top of the category.

They’re the answer to reposting on the Carousell marketplace, helping you get that additional leg of exposure without the hassle of relisting.

Many of our agents have found Bumps to be successful in helping them reach the right audience for their property listings!

There are 3 Bump options:

Urgent Bump: Bumps your listing for a total of 6 times, twice a day for 3 days (once at the time you purchased the Bump, and another time 3 hours later).

For instance, if you purchase an Urgent Bump at 6pm on Monday, your listing will be bumped at 6pm and 9pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cost: 540 coins for regular category, 758 coins for premium category

3-Day Bump: Bumps your listing 3 times, once a day at the same time for 3 days.

For instance, if you purchase a 3-Day Bump at 6pm on Monday, your listing will be bumped at 6pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cost: 300 coins for regular category, 418 coins for premium category

Instant Bump: Bumps your listing when you purchase the Bump.

For instance, if you purchase an Instant bump at 6pm on Monday, that’s when your listing will be bumped.

Cost: 178 coins for regular category, 248 coins for premium category

* HDBs for sale/ rent, condos for sale/ rent and room rentals fall under the premium category, while landed for sale/ rent, commercial for sale/ rent and other properties fall under the regular category.


There are 2 ways to get to the Bump page:

  1. On your profile page, click on the “Promote” button on the listing you’d like to bump (see screenshot below), or
  2. Within the listing itself, click on the “Promote” button

Then, simply select your Bump option: Urgent Bump, 3-Day Bump or Instant Bump.

When your listing is bumped, it’ll be marked with a lightning icon. Yay!

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Hack: Time your Bump according to when Carousellers are most actively searching for property:

Scheduling your Bump

The Bump Scheduler allows you to set up Bumps for your listing in advance, saving you tons of manual work.

• Which days you’d like to bump
How many times you’d like to bump per day (once or twice – if you select twice, the first Bump will occur each day at the time of purchase, and the second will occur 3 hours after the first Bump each day)
How many weeks to Bump

As you can see, the price will be automatically calculated as you customise your Bump schedule.


Tracking your Bump results

To track your Bump results, simply tap on the graph icon on your listing to access the listing insights.

Here, you get a clear overview of the number of impressions (i.e. how many people have seen your listing), clicks (i.e. how many people have tapped into your listing), and chats.