Carousell Bumps: What is it and How it Helps You Sell Super Fast

A picture of what is a bump on carousell and how it helps you sell your item faster

Have you heard about Carousell Bumps?

If you’re on Carousell, you might have thought about this:

How do I give my item an extra boost on Carousell to sell it faster?

Good news, you can now speed up the sale of your items by using a Bump on Carousell.

A Bump is our new feature to increase your chances of selling. It boosts the visibility of your items on Carousell.

To help you understand Bumps better, we’ll go through 6 things about Carousell Bumps:

  1. Why Carousell developed the Bump feature
  2. What is a Bump?
  3. How much does a Bump cost?
  4. How a Bump helps you sell your items faster
  5. When you should use a Bump
  6. FAQ about Carousell Bumps

Let’s go!

Why Carousell developed the Bump feature

At Carousell, we actively listen to the community and this is one of the most common questions we hear:

“Is there a feature to help me sell my items faster on Carousell? I want to make room for things that matter more.”

We heard you. This is why Carousell developed the Bump feature.

What is a Carousell Bump?

What is a Carousell Bump
Important note: A Bump does not stick your listing permanently at the top of the category. It will move down once other users add new listings into the category your item is in.

As you can see from the animation above, a Bump instantly takes your listing to the top of the category. Simply put, it increases the visibility of your product.

When you buy a Bump, your listing gets bumped 3 times over 3 consecutive days.

Picture of what Carousell Bumps Listing Page looks like

This is what a Bump Listing Page looks like. Tap the “Bump” button below your listing to get here.

Check out the lightning bolts within the red box. Below, it tells you what time your item will get Bumped to the top of the category.

Let’s say you bought a Bump for your old iPhone 5S on a Monday, at 5 pm. It will be Bumped again at 5 pm on Tuesday and then again at 5 pm on Wednesday. The Bump for your iPhone 5S will cost you $6.98.

You’re probably wondering, “Does a Bump cost 698 coins for every item?”

It doesn’t! Let’s take a look at how much a Bump can cost you.

How much does a Bump cost?

We just introduced a new form of payment called Carousell Coins. It’s an in-app currency that allows you to buy Bumps and other Carousell services.

These coins are the only way you can get a Bump. Find out how you can buy Carousell Coins here.

There are 4 different prices for a Carousell Bump. The price differs according to the category your item is in.

Here’s a table on how much coins you need to Bump your item on Carousell:

Chart showing how much Carousell Bumps cost you

*Prices may be subject to change. This article will be updated should there be any changes in pricing.

How does a Bump help me sell my items faster?

At this point, most people have one big question:

“How does a Bump help me sell my items faster?”

Carousell Bumps has been around for 3 months now. We studied the success our current users are enjoying with Bumps and this is what we’ve found:

Benefits of buying a Bump on Carousell:

We recently did a case study that looked into the benefits of Carousell Bumps. We found that:

  1. You can get up to 90% more views for your item!
  2. You can get 40% more chats than normal!

Not only that, we also found that you could save more money by purchasing a Bump than getting a Free Bump. Read here to find out how Carousell Bumps benefits you as a seller!

Feel like you’re missing out yet? But hold on, you need to consider your current situation before you buy Carousell Bumps.

When should I buy a Bump on Carousell?

There aren’t many scenarios when a user would not want greater visibility for their items.

Here are four situations when a Bump will be most useful for you:

  1. Your item has received very few views despite being listed for a few days
  2. You’ve received 0 chats for your item
  3. You’ve received 0 offers for your item
  4. You urgently need to sell your item fast

How can I check the number of views and chats my item has on Carousell?

Head over to your Carousell profile. Choose the item you want to check and tap on the Insights icon. It’s this arrow-looking icon:


You will then see the Listing Insights page. This page displays important information about the performance of your listing and it looks like this:

Note the two things highlighted within the red box:

  1. Total Views your item gets
  2. Total Chats & Offers your item gets

If these numbers aren’t satisfying to you, consider buying a Bump on Carousell to speed up the process.

Pro tip: Don’t buy a Bump immediately after you list. Wait 1-2 days. If your views and chats are still low, then try a Bump!

Frequently Asked Questions about Carousell Bumps

Here is a detailed list of FAQ we’ve received about Bumps in the past few months. Read on to see if you’ve any similar questions you need answers to!

1. What happens when I Reserve my listing in the middle of a Bump?

If you reserve your listing during the three days of your Bump, other users won’t see it.

How do I fix this issue?

Once you unreserve your listing, it will be back to the original position it was at previously.

It is better for you to avoid reserving the item you Bump unless the buyer confirms the sale.

2. How long will a Bump last on Carousell?

A Bump brings your item to the top of the marketplace at a specific timing for three consecutive days.

After that, it will behave like a normal listing that moves down when people add new listings.

3. If I Bump my item on Carousell, does it guarantee a sale?

Unfortunately, we can only guarantee a higher chance of selling your item faster. Bumping increases the potential for your item to get more views.

More views mean that you’re more likely to get more chats from interested buyers!

Pro tip: Bump your high-quality listings. High-quality listings contain detailed descriptions with beautiful and accurate pictures of your product. High-quality listings attract a ton of buyers, so Bumping them will increase your chance to sell even more!

4. How do I check if my listing is Bumped on Carousell?

There are 2 ways you can find out if your listing is Bumped on Carousell.

Carousell Profile Page

Head over to your profile page and scroll over to the listing that you Bumped. It will read “Bumped” at the bottom of the listing. It looks like this:


Notice the difference between the two listings? The listing that you Bump will read “Bumped”.

Listing Insights Page

This is another way you can check.

Head to the “Listing Insights” page for the item you Bumped. The screenshot below shows what a Bumped listing would look like:

Views after buying a Bump on Carousell.jpg

See the lightning bolt icons below the 3-day period? That tells you that your item was successfully Bumped on those days.

Time to Bump Your Item on Carousell to Sell Faster

We hope this article clarifies what a Bump on Carousell is and how it helps you speed up the sale of your items.

Head over to your own Carousell profile to choose your item you want to Bump.

If you have any questions about the Bump feature, don’t hesitate to contact us at We’ll do our best to answer and help you along the way!

Meanwhile, happy Bumping on Carousell! If you have friends that are also having trouble selling their items, share this article to help them out!


  1. I bought my $59.98 bump coins today, but I still have not receive the bump coins yet, When exactly will I get the coins? I already receive an email of the transaction I made.

    • Hey! You can check your coin balance on your Carousell profile. It’s right below how many followers and following you have. Hope this helps!


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